COVID Protocols

(Created by Tyla Petersen, RMT under the request of CMTBC with suggestions 

and requirements by PHO and CMTBC)



> Pre-screening prior to arrival is required. An online questionnaire will be sent to each individual patient prior to their appointment and must be completed before arrival


> Screening upon arrival is required. A written consent will be provided to sign and outlines safety precautions and declares the patient to be healthy at time of treatment

>Cancellation policy has been modified to allow short notice cancellation due to covid related concerns. No shows to be reviewed on case to case basis. Our cancellation policy is 24 hour notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment. 50% of the regular service fee will be charged if changes need to be made within 24 hours of your appointment.


> All patients are required to follow the PPE guidelines as per the government of British Columbia. The following protocol is set out to be followed by team members and clients.

            > Wash hands upon arrival and follow specific hand washing procedures.

            > Patients must wear fascial mask while inside the common areas in the clinic, during close contact assessment and during treatment when laying face up on the treatment table.

            > All personal items including but not limited to clothing, jewelry, bags must be placed in provided container inside the treatment room.

            > Therapist must wear a fascial mask at all times while in the clinic common areas as well as in the treatment rooms with clients.

            > Therapist must wear any requested PPE the patient may request in order to feel safe to receive treatment.


> All surfaces will be sanitized and disinfected between each patient including inside, outside the treatment room and patient bathroom.


> All linens will be laundered between each patient.


> Containers provided for clothing and shoes will be sanitized and disinfected between each patient.


> Patients have the right to discontinue their appointment if they at any time feel they are uncomfortable, feel unsure of the sanitization of anything or question the therapists outlined protocols. 

COVID Questionnaire