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Your Initial ICBC Appointment

Your RMT will need to complete a "Treatment Plan" form set out and required by ICBC. This form will need to be completed and submitted at your first appointment time of billing. To accommodate the extra time it will take to complete the "Treatment Plan", ICBC covers $120 + tax towards your initial appointment.

Depending on how long your treatment plan takes will determine the amount of time remaining for your hands on treatment. Details are important when completing your treatment plan. Specific details help create outcome markers which can be used in future if an extension and reassessment is needed. Take your time and complete the treatment plan as accurately as possible.

Ensure you pre-book all subsequent follow up visits to ensure you receive your 12 visits covered by ICBC within their 12 week time frame. 

What to expect

If you need longer-term care

Your recovery may require additional treatment beyond 12 weeks after a crash. 

If your health care provider has indicated that your treatment plan needs to be extended, they'll submit an additional treatment plan to your support and recovery specialist that outlines the further treatment planned and its expected benefit to your recovery. You can always discuss your treatment and recovery progress with your support and recovery specialist. 

Massage * Naturopath * Langley BC * RMT

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