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Home Care

Home care is advice and suggestions involving stretches, exercises and hydrotherapy to help maintain progress of your treatments. Most therapist will recommend a home care routine to help, improve and maintain your health concerns.

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Stretching tips:

Most stretches which therapists will recommend can be held for 30-60 at a time. It is recommended to try to stretch daily. Application of a heat pad or other types of heat hydrotherapy application can help increase and deepen your stretches.

Benefits of Home Care:

  • Increases your flexibility. ... 

  • Increases your range of motion. ... 

  • Improves your performance in physical activities. ... 

  • Increases blood flow to your muscles. ... 

  • Improves your posture. ... 

  • Helps to heal and prevent back pain. ... 

  • Is great for stress relief. ... 

  • Can calm your mind.

Strengthening tips:

Your therapist will evaluate your strength and provide suggestions which would be appropriate for your fitness level. Isometric exercises are a great type of strengthening exercises that can benefit a wide range of fitness levels. Isometric muscle contractions use proprioception muscles that help stabilize joints, quicken muscle firing reaction time and challenge muscles in a way we often don't use them in everyday actives. Speak to your therapist about different options for your at home fitness routine.

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What Our Clients Say

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... I've now been seeing Tyla for over 3 years and I don't plan on changing RMT's. I get sad when I know my session is about to end, and get excited when my treatment dates are coming up!

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