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Janie Bergquist
Student Intern

Janie's Story

Hello, I'm Janie Bergquist, a dedicated student massage intern with a passion for helping people feel their best. Currently, I am pursuing my studies at the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy, with an expected graduation in April 2024.


For nearly two decades, I actively engaged in basketball and strength training, which instilled in me a profound understanding of the importance of proper recovery and care for the body. 


Beyond sports, I spent time as a stay-at-home mom to two wonderful girls and previously worked as an education assistant for the Langley School District.


My goal as a massage therapist is to improve relaxation, relieve pain and stress, restore pain-free range of motion, and ultimately enhance the overall quality of life for my clients.


During treatments, I focus on various techniques, including General Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Release, Joint Mobilization, Stretching, and Pregnancy Massage. I also provide home care guidance for strengthening and stretching to help individuals maintain their optimal well-being.


During my down time, I find joy in strength training at the gym, exploring new hiking trails in the mountains, and spending quality time with my family.


I am truly passionate about massage therapy and firmly believe in the transformative power it can have on people's lives. I look forward to bringing my skills, empathy, and dedication to your wellness journey.”


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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