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Neale Taverner

Neale's Story

I enjoy supporting people as they strive to realize positive changes in their lives.  I have provided counselling for approximately the last twenty-five years in the contexts of individual, couple's, and family therapy.  Some of the issues I've supported people with include mental health, addictions, couple's, relationship, family, and grieving.  I believe that each person has inherent strengths and I work with people to understand and utilize their strengths as they work to move forward in a positive manner.  I utilize primarily a brief solution-focused approach and consistently have seen people I've supported experiencing positive changes early on in the counselling process.  I believe in the importance of providing a safe, comfortable, non-judgmental environment and I value the importance of each person's self-determination in regards to the issues they identify and the changes they seek to make.  I also strongly believe in the importance of each person addressing their own self-care on a regular basis, and as part of my own self care I like to be working out at the gym, walking my dog, or playing various sports.

You can check out more information about Neale, services he offers, fees, insurance and more through his website:


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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