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Registered Social Worker- Counselling

When a person goes through challenging times, it is not always about making the right choices, it is about making the best choices. Assisting individuals and couples in exploring the issues they are dealing with as they consider their options. This will hopefully allow each person to make the best choices given the circumstances at the time.

When should I seek counselling?

It is suggested you should consider a time to see a therapist when something causes distress and interferes with some part of life, particularly when: Thinking about or coping with the issue takes up at least an hour each day. The issue causes embarrassment or makes you want to avoid others.

If you feel overwhelmed or burned out by life's stressors, or are unsure how to move toward a important goal, then therapy can be useful for you. You don't have to be experiencing particular mental health challenges or symptoms to benefit from therapy.

What is the difference between an RCC and RSW?

The two roles may overlap, as social workers sometimes provide mental health counselling services and counsellors may provide care counselling services. 

Social workers provide services to individuals, couples, families, groups, and communities. Many Social Workers in private practice provide different types of counselling or psychotherapy, while others specialize in areas like grief counselling, couples counselling, childhood trauma or phobias.

Please ensure to check your coverage that Social Worker is covered under counselling.

Divorce Counselling Services

Navigating through the process of separation or divorce often presents many challenges and a myriad of emotions as you try to make sense of this and deal with various issues. Some of these issues may include parenting, financial, mental health, and division of assets.

At times it may seem overwhelming as you work to deal with not only the day-to-day responsibilities, but also issues specific to a divorce. My role is to support you to move through this process in the healthiest manner possible, which includes making choices that may seem very difficult.

What can I expect in my first counselling session?

Your first session is for setting expectations and starting to build trust between you both. Your therapist should clearly explain to you: Their background and qualifications. Which professional body they're registered with.

They will ask questions to help create and picture of what brought you in and caught out counselling initially. They then may ask more specific questions and see if there is an area they can identify as a starting point to create discussion and suggestions. 

Co-Parenting Services

When families break up due to separation or divorce, it is essential that the parenting of the children continues in the healthiest manner.

As both parents usually want to continue being a positive presence in their children’s lives, then co-parenting the children needs to start immediately. In the best interests of the children, this co-parenting should involve both parents in their children’s lives in a positive way.

When both parents are co-parenting their children in a positive manner, both parents value and respect that the other parent needs to continue to be involved in the parenting of their children.

Parenting Coordinator Services

A PC can help parents make decisions in a timely manner instead of waiting for another court date, which is generally optimal for all family members. A PC will not only provide education involving relevant issues such as communication and parenting, but also will facilitate mediation and arbitration.

The goal of a PC is to assist parents to make a positive shift in their relationship with each other and to develop the ability for both parents to take more control of the parenting of their children. The end result is that both parents use their energies to work towards what is best for their children, as children deal with their own challenges of their parent’s relationship ending.

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