Bishop Massage and Wellness in Langley BC offers a selection of registered massage therapists to suit anyones needs. All our RMT's are registered within BC and have all graduated and passed provincial board exams. Our team of knowledgable massage therapists each have very unique individual styles and focuses of treatment. Check out their personal biographies to see which therapist might suit you best.

As a clinic, Bishop Massage and Wellness in Langley offers the following techniques: 

Deep tissue, Trigger Point Release, Myofasical, Pregnancy, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, Sports Rehabilitation, Pre and Post Surgical, Scars, Visceral Manipulation and sports taping applications.

Our Naturopathic Doctor; Dr. Abouzant is dual certified as a pharmacist and Naturopathic physician. He offers a wide range of services including Prolo-Therapy, IV Therapy, Acupuncture and Holistic Medical Services. Read more about his services below!

For more information on which therapist may suit you best check out our team for therapist biographies.

Direct billing is available for most extended benefits companies. For a full list please contact our clinic directly.

Associated Fees with Services

Prices do NOT include taxes. 

Questions about our direct billing? Contact us.

Registered Massage Therapy

30 min RMT Treatment $70.00 + tax

45 min RMT Treatment $100.00 + tax

60 min RMT Treatment $120.00 + tax

Extended treatment available to book upon request. Please Call the clinic to book

75 min RMT Treatment $145.00 + tax

90 min RMT Treatment $170.00 + tax

Body Worker/ Relaxation Massage

30 min Relaxation Massage $50 + tax

60 min Relaxation Massage $75 + tax
Naturopathic Doctor

60 min Initial ND visit $180
45 min Follow up ND $135 
30 min Follow up ND $90 

IV Vitamin Infusion 30 min $110
IV High Dose Vitamin Infusion 40 min $140
IV Vitamin Infusion + B12 Injection $130

60 min Initial Prolo-Therapy $210 
30 min Follow up Prolo-Therapy $160

60 min Acupuncture First Visit $225 
45 min Follow Up Acupuncture $120 

Other services available. Please call to book:
Glutathione push
B12 Injection
Test Result Appointment
FREE Initial 15 min Consultation (In person or remote)

Botox Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!