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Tyla Petersen- Bishop RMT

Tyla's Story

Tyla graduated from massage therapy school in 2010 and was registered the same year as a Registered Massage Therapist. She had the opportunity to attend both massage therapy schools in the lower mainland and graduated from Vancouver College of Massage Therapy, formally known as Utopia Academy. 

Tyla started her career working in a chiropractic office in Surrey then moved onto a multidisciplinary clinic located in New Westminster. From there Tyla worked at Langley Sport Medicine Clinic in the Langley events centre and then Performance Integrated Health in South Surrey. Currently she is now working from home in South Surrey.

Tyla enjoys working with sport athletes of different talents. She has been an athlete herself competing in various horse related competitions including 3-day eventing, hunter jumpers, dressage, grand entry team and barrel racing. Tyla volunteered for a number of years at Cloverdale Rodeo in the sport medicine trailer. Tyla's main focus of modalities includes using deep tissue and trigger point techniques. She also often uses tape products to help with particular injuries. Athletic taping can be very helpful when trying to get athletes back into the game faster. These products have been found beneficial to help aid other conditions including headaches, muscle tension, stubborn trigger points and to help reduce swelling.

Another passion of Tyla's is to work with pre and post natal patients. Being a mother herself she finds she is able to relate well with other women and help focus treatments on individual needs. We do offer comfortable pregnancy pillows which allow pregnant patients to lay comfortably on their abdomen to receive treatment. Tyla has taken extended training in pre and post natal care, including c-section delivery and wound healing.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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