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What to do now?

Have you recently been in motor vehicle accident?

Did you know regardless of fault, all BC residents are automatically entitled to 12 Registered Massage Therapy appointments?

When looking for an RMT its important to ensure your service provider you choose is an approved ICBC practitioner if you would like you claims to submitted on your behalf. At Bishop Massage and Wellness, not all our RMTs are ICBC approved service providers. You can find out which RMTs are approved by heading over to our 'Our Team' page. There you will find each RMTs profile with the bio and approval status.

What you'll need before you report a claim to ICBC

  • The licence plate number of each vehicle involved

  • The driver’s licence number of e​​ach driver inv​olved 

  • Insurance information for any vehicles not insured by ICBC

  • Details including location, time of accident and direction of travel

Note: for a hit and run claim, you'll only need your driver's licence number and your vehicle's licence plate number. 

The following information may help ICBC process your claim faster:

  • The name and add​ress of your preferred or nearest repair facility if the vehicle is not driveable. ​

  • Police file number (if applicable)

Assessment visit

ICBC's Basic insurance is the mandatory coverage you need to operate a vehicle in BC. It helps ensure that all British Columbians using our roads are protected with an adequate level of coverage.

ICBC Has pre-set approved fee contributions for use toward therapy. For RMT you will be approved for a ONE TIME $120 + tax and $90 + tax there after to a max of 12 appointments total. 

After your pre-approved 12 appointments (must be attended within 12 weeks from the initial date of accident) you can apply for an extension. Your therapist will complete a new updated treatment plan along with some other documentation for your adjustor and will submit the documents on your behalf. If you have been approved, your adjustor will update your portal profile automatically and treatments can continue. Typically is can take on average 10-14 days for approval.

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