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Information about your ICBC claim:

What you'll need before you report a claim to ICBC

  • The licence plate number of each vehicle involved

  • The driver’s licence number of e​​ach driver inv​olved 

  • Insurance information for any vehicles not insured by ICBC

  • Details including location, time of accident and direction of travel

Note: for a hit and run claim, you'll only need your driver's licence number and your vehicle's licence plate number. 

The following information may help ICBC process your claim faster:

  • The name and add​ress of your preferred or nearest repair facility if the vehicle is not driveable. ​

  • Police file number (if applicable)

Call us to report your claim.​​

Toll free: 1-800-910-4222

Lower Mainland: 604-520-8222​​

View details of your claim​

​When you sign in, you can view certain details of your claim, such as:​

  • Assessed responsibility: This is the degree of responsibility assigned in a crash.

  • Deductible: The amount you have to pay toward repairs before your insurance pays for the rest. 

  • Claim representative's information: The name and phone number for the claim representative assigned to your claim.

  • Current location of your vehicle if it's not driveable: For example, the tow yard, repair shop or ICBC facility where your vehicle is currently located.

  • Your ICBC insurance coverage at the date of the incident.

​Add supporting documents

When you sign in, you can upload documents related to your claim, such as:

  • ​Photos and video footage of the incident

  • Receipts for expenses you may have incurred

  • ICBC forms and/or documentation requested by your claims representative

Please note, it could take a few business days for a claim representative to review uploaded documents. They'll contact you if they have any questions.

FAQ about ICBC claims and Treatment:


1. Do I need a referral to receive my 12 visits from ICBC?

           No, all you need is your claim number. Select the link above to report a claim.

2. What if I already have an ICBC claim open?

           You will need to report a NEW claim. This will activate the 12 pre-approved visits. If your claim is open and

           outside the initial 12 weeks, you will need to be re-approved by ICBC to receive treatment benefits.

3. How do I know which type of health practitioner to see?

           It is always best to consult your family Doctor to assess any injuries or concerns. They will be able to help

           you decide which type of practitioner would be most suitable for you. If your family Doctor does not

           have convenient appointments available immediately, you can always book an RMT appointment and your

           RMT will be able to assess your injuries and provide a referral recommendation if they feel an alternative

           practitioner may be more suitable.

4. I saw a different RMT a different place. Can I book with a different clinic or practitioner?

           Yes! ICBC will only provide coverage toward a 60min visit ONE TIME for your claim. If you have previously

           used this amount you can opt to pay the difference for a 60min initial visit with a new clinic or maintain a

           30min visit. Just note that on any initial appointment seeing a NEW practitioner (even within the same clinic)

           a treatment plan will need to be completed and submitted.

5. What is my co-pay if I want to continue with 60 min appointments?

           After your initial appointment, ICBC covers $90 + tax toward the remain 11 visits. Your co-pay would be          


Massage * Naturopath * Langley BC * RMT

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