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Melissa Dailly RMT

Melissa's Story

As an active person and athlete, I know how important it is to keep your body in top shape so you can continue to push yourself each and every day. Although pushing yourself is the fun part, one of the most important parts in any physical activity or sport is recovery. Massage therapy can provide great benefits in how the body feels and performs, which is why I love what I do because I get to help people feel their best both mentally and physically. 


When it comes to treatment, my approach is to work with each patient and their individual needs in order to develop short-term and long-term goals tailored to them.  I like to think of every treatment as a team effort to ensure you leave feeling better than you did when you walked in, and with that team mentality it does require effort from both sides- help me, help you. Whenever possible, I also like to provide exercises or activities you can do outside of the treatment room to keep you feeling your best and help you maintain your body’s progress between sessions.


A little bit about me: I graduated from the RMT program at CDI College in April 2022. I have a passion for fitness and have my certification in Fitness Theory and completed the courses towards personal training. I have been an avid gym goer for the past 5 years, competed in a bodybuilding competition and have plans to compete more in the future. My background in fitness is the main reason why I believe recovery and improving mobility are extremely key in being the best athlete you can be and one of the reasons I chose to pursue being an RMT in the first place. 


Outside of work, it’s all about the adventure. If I’m not in the gym, I am outdoors or spending time with my friends and family. I am a huge fan of puzzles, tv shows, movies and of course, snacks. I am always doing something fun with my spare time and I love this life I’m living.


I am always excited to work with new patients and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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